About Me

My name is Joshua Daniel George.

When I first started lifting, I weighed around 155lbs (70kg) with a high body fat percentage. I had really skinny arms, I was out of shape and I was really uncertain about the way I looked. I had no confidence at all. I was shorter and smaller than everyone.

After living like this for several years, I decided that enough was enough and thus started my journey of researching the ins and outs of diet and nutrition. I already knew that it wouldn’t be sustainable if I changed everything in my diet instantly. So each week I would review what I ate and then picked one item or product that I could replace with something healthier. Think of changes like: replacing white bread for whole wheat bread and my cappuccino for regular black coffee. After only a couple of months of intensive research, I had successfully replaced all my unhealthy snacks with the energy boosting, protein rich meals that my body and physique needed to get back into shape.

And that is when I learned about the IIFYM approach. While many diets out there are obsessive about which foods you can and can’t eat, how much you can have, and even when you consume it, for some people, the excessive restrictions can be a recipe for failure.

Instead, the IIFYM approach aims to get away from that — focusing on the three most important energy sources needed for our bodies to function properly. We’re talking about protein, carbohydrates and lipids or fat (macronutrients, or macros).

So here we are, several years later and now I want to share with the world a way to create a diet that is not only healthy but also sustainable. You can have the best diet in the world, but if you can’t sustain it, it’s useless.

Why am I doing this? Because I truly believe that there is a strongest version of every human being. It is my mission to find it in myself and inspire you to find yours. This is not only physically; this is also mentally, and emotionally. To me, life is a journey and I am currently walking on this path to becoming my own strongest version. You are welcome to walk with me and discover what your strongest version is.

Be the best you can be, feed your dreams; starve your fears and truly master life!

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